Phish Announces 4-Night Run at MSG for NYE

Phish has finally confirmed their plans for New Year’s Eve 2012. The band has updated their website with a huge graphic announcing a four-night run at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on December 28th-31st. You can already request tickets for the shows in the lottery and the window closes on October 24th.

Here’s some info from the lottery order page; all the standard stuff we’d expect to prepare for the four nights of unexpected mayhem in New York. I’ll definitely be on hand for these shows and booking my tickets in a day or so. No slacking for this here blogger; this is not a run to catch on couch tour (if I can help it).

You may request up to four tickets per show.

For more information on these shows, please click here.

We will ONLY accept requests for these tickets during a TWELVE-DAY PERIOD.

The request time ends: Monday, October 24 at 11:59 AM, EDT

All requests, regardless of when they are placed, are treated equally in the system. You can request tickets to one or more shows, but your entire ticket request for all shows must be placed at one time.