Coming on the heels of Phish’s latest release announcement for the Hurricane Relief effort, I’m seeing little speckles and spots of information on the upcoming release, in .

Honestly, I can’t out why some of this information keeps popping up in the hard-to-find locations yet none of this has been officially announced yet. On, they’re saying November 1. On Sunshine Daydream’s site, it’s December 6. I originally thought it would be out by the end of the month. This is a perfect example of some bad (or just premature) information being put out before anyone makes it official; the only way to correct it is to answer it an official announcement.

Here’s some of the roundup that I could find to try and piece together the untold story. If anyone has any additional info (officlally or unofficially, on-the-record or off…), we’d love to take a look and give credit where due. Send us an email at @


Release Date: 12/6/05

* A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
* Dinner and a Movie
* Curtain
* Sample in a Jar
* Free
* Nothing
* Maze
* Frankenstein
* 46 Days
* Possum
* Oh Kee Pa
* Suzy Greenburg
* Axilla I
* 2001
* Birds of a Feather
* Kung
* Mike’s Song
* I Hydrogen
* Weekapaug Groove
* Divided Sky

Live in Brooklyn was filmed on June 17, 2004 at Keyspan Park at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY. It marked the start of what would be the final tour and was the first date after the emotional news of their breakup was announced. The show was simultaneously broadcast to movie theaters nationwide-arguably the most successful live theatrical broadcast to date, with legions of loyal reportedly dancing in the aisles across the country. Included on this DVD are the two complete sets performed that day along with sound check footage and three full peformances from the second Brooklyn date. Phish were a cultural phenomenon- and recording for 21 years with a remarkably dedicated following who cintniue to celebrate everything Phish. [Sunshine Daydream]

Update: Also on the DVD (from 6/18/04), Bug, Taste, and Reprise [thanks Scotty G]

Update #2: Apparently this DVD just keeps getting put on hold or something, but this is the latest I’ve heard….
…the Phish Brooklyn dvd has been pushed back again. The latest was to dec. but my rhino rep says it is looking like march of 2006. the sheet we have says 11/1/05, the rhino business website said 12/20/05 but it says 3/7/06. if you don’t see any news on the Phish site by this time next month, then it ain’t comin out before xmas.

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