What is Phish: The Amazing 4D Experience And Why Did It Just Appear On Fandango

Something mysterious just got posted on Fandango, and boy, we are really curious what this will turn out to be.

Behold, a new entry called PHISH: THE AMAZING 4D EXPERIENCE. Uhm, wut?!

Well, wait, this search kinda shows some other Phish-y stuff that probably isn’t real. So I doubt this 4D thing is.

I got a little worried because I’ve been to a 4D movie experience before, and it’s well, to be polite, hokey as hell. Instead of just being at a movie theater enjoying the sights and sounds on the screen in front of you, you’re being jerked around on movable seats that are supposed to reflect the action you’re watching on said silver screen.

Like, if you’re watching an action movie, you’ll get these little puffs of air that will shoot off on the right or left side of your chair, thereby making it seem like gunshots are whizzing right by your head. It’s very much a would-be immersive experience except that you’re well aware of the effects, which sorta takes you out of it. The fourth wall feels broken a lot of the experience. If we’d have some faith in anyone that they could make something like this cool, it would be Phish. But I’d also argue this could just be a bad idea no matter what.

What do you think? Maybe Phish will be taking their Phish 3D thing to the next level. Are they planning this for something coming up this year? Could this be related to an upcoming Watkins Glen announcement?

Whatever it is, we’ll definitely be following this one closely. Maybe it was a Twiddle fan.