Hear A New 8-Bit Remix of Phish / Kasvot Växt “Turtle in the Clouds”

If you follow our blog you know that we’re big fans anytime anyone throws down an 8-bit remix of our favorite foursome from Vermont, and today we’re psyched to see a new one hit Reddit.

Hear the new 8-bit style cover below of the Kasvot Växt classic, “Turtle in the Clouds,” which Phish introduced as their Halloween spoof in Las Vegas back in 2018. And if you dig this style, head back into our archives and check out the “Punch You in the Eye,” “First Tube,” and even this entire album dedicated to the style.

Turtle in the Clouds - Kasvot Växt NES cover

Best part is easily the dance breakdown. This would sound so perfect in an old school Super Mario World villain level.