Phil Lesh Welcomes John Scofield & Rob Barraco For Virtual Concert to Support Terrapin Crossroads

In a new post on social media, Phil Lesh has announced that he’s going to be bringing some tunes to the fans and supporters at Terrapin Crossroads via a virtual concert tonight, Wednesday May 6th.

Terrapin Crossroads is a restaurant and music venue, but above all it is a community- and in our digital age, that community is not bound to any location. Starting today, in support of our remarkable employees, Terrapin is bringing you tunes from Phil, Grahame Lesh, and many of the remarkable musical members of our community; from our living rooms to yours.

They’ve set up the Support the Terrapin Crossroads staff fund which you can donate to here.

We hope that while you enjoy the music, you’ll express your appreciation for our wonderful staff. There are over 100 staff members, the people who make Terrapin so special, who are out of work while our clubhouse is closed. We’re launching this fund to support them directly, and 100% of proceeds will go towards staff bonuses. If you can spare it, please consider supporting them – any amount helps.

They encourage fans to check back tonight to the Terrapin Crossroads Facebook Page at around 5pm PST. As mentioned, it looks like they’ll have Phil and Grahame playing some Grateful Dead songs and beyond by way of a special “virtual concert” to support the staff.


We’re also excited to offer up some special perks that you’ll find on our campaign site. We’ll be updating that list all the time, so keep checking back for more cool prizes that support our staff!

Phil and Jill

Thanks, Phil! We’ll be there.