mayor pete wants phish to play his inauguration

You already know that Pete Buttigieg is a bit of a Phish fan, when late last week he announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America by releasing a playlist with “Tweezer Reprise” on it, but today it progresses and this is just the type of news that we’re thinking is a bit silly and but the type of news that we are LIVING for in 2019. In short, he’d be open to Phish playing at his inauguration!

TMZ got a little snippet of paparazzi time with him and asked who he thought would be a good band to play his inauguration.

You can tell he’s a bit surprised by the question, but then when the guy behind the lens tosses out “Phish” as a possibility, you can kinda see Mayor Pete’s eyes light up and think “yeah that’d be amazing” before he turns to the camera and says “maybe we should ask them.”

Check out the video below…

Pete Buttigieg Says He's Down with Phish Playing Potential Inauguration | TMZ

Thankfully this story got to expand a bit past the TMZ style headlines, as Buttigieg just sat down for a chat with LA Times about his true sense of musical tastes and how they fit into his lifestyle. Here’s a little more about his Phish fandom…

It started with Dave Matthews. I didn’t get to see them play live much. A couple of times. But the idea that every song was different, that they would settle into the music and take it interesting places, really excited me. And when I discovered Phish, they took that to the next level.

Clearly it’s by no means definitive and easily someone you can call a 3.0 n00b if it suits you. That’s not personally how I roll, but hey, this is a free country.