Perpetual Groove Announce Extended Hiatus

Word just came down from PGroove’s camp that the band will be taking an extended hiatus in 2013 with no time frame for a return. It appears the result of their front man Brock Butler needing much needed time away from the road, he explains in a personal letter to fans:

This apology is for the state I’ve allowed myself to be in at shows, which have compromised performances, as well as my personal life. I’m very aware and sorry to everyone I’ve let down through my actions and lack of actions.

Their final scheduled show will take place in their hometown of Athens, GA at the Georgia Theatre on Friday, April 5th.Founding members Adam Perry, Albert Suttle and Matthew McDonald have posted a “Thank You” letter to fans on their website along with the personal letter from front man Brock Butler. The release explains that “All previously announced tour dates will continue as scheduled with the same live intensity and dynamic light show that PGroove have become known for.”

Along with the news is the announcement that bassist Adam Perry, drummer Albert Suttle and keyboardist Matthew McDonald will debut a new project, Ghost Owl. They’ve released an “intro video” that you can view now:

Ghost Owl - an introduction