(update for full lineup on 4/11/07)

Sun-Times’ Pop Critic, Jim Derogatis, is today reporting that Pearl Jam will headline this year’s Lollapalooza, which is set for August 3rd – 5th in Grant Park:

The major headliner for year three of the retooled concert will be none other than that became the breakout superstar of the old back in 1992: ’s godfathers of grunge, .

The three-day concert will take place in Grant Park from Aug. 3-5, and Lollapalooza promoters don’t plan on announcing the 130-band or putting on sale for several weeks, until late March or early April. They declined to comment on any of the acts Wednesday.

Nevertheless, three sources confirmed that may expect Evanston native and his band to perform on ’s lakefront as part of a U.S. tour that will follow a European jaunt that has already been announced in June, and which includes several major festivals.

Jim Derog is a pretty good source for this kind of info, and one hopes his “three sources” are not leading him astray. Either way, this is pretty big news!

More info as it comes.

If you’d like to play a role in helping decide who will be at Lollapalooza 2007, go make a suggestion at “YourLolla.” The site gives you a spot to drop your favorite band names as well as restaurants and favorite food items.

Um, that’s great, but what about a suggestions for….! Tha lack of selection was one of my main peevs this (they could’ve at least offered some local Goose Island for flava!). Yeah, yeah, Budweiser paid a s***load of cash to have their name blazed across those stages. Then again, really IS food!

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