Pavement @ Sasquatch 2010


Sasquatch! 2010: Day Three [Weekly Volcano]

As a reunited, aged Pavement struggled through their set to what seemed like half the number of bodies that’d packed the main stage just moments earlier for LCD Soundsystem – the prevailing vibe of the festival so far being that of good times, getting-drunk, and-raving out in The Middle of F***ing Nowhere, not checking out bands known by people born prior to 1990 – you were reminded of this. Pedals malfunctioned. Stephen Malkmus – who was either a little drunk or more aloof AND COOLER THAN F***ING EVER – stopped songs on at least two occasions, cussing and apologizing to the crowd in the process. A rare old man standing next to me – in the sea of youth that is Sasquatch! – got visibly frustrated, yelling “Come on!” the second time Malkmus halted. Most in the crowd, however, just felt sorry for Pavement. Something tells me that’s not how they planned it.