Watch Paul McCartney Reunite With Ringo Starr to Play Beatles Classics @ Dodger Stadium

Paul McCartney played Los Angeles last night and brought his huge Beatles / Wings / Solo catalog show to Dodger Stadium, and for part of the show, McCartney really made good on delivering that Beatles material by welcoming Ringo Starr to the stage to perform two Beatles classics during the show. Wowee. Watch some clips below.

Ringo played on “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)” (fantastically obvious choice) and he also played on “Helter Skelter”.

Paul McCartney Ringo Starr Dodger Stadium July 13, 2019

Starr left while tossing his usual “Peace and Love” sign before the crowd got yet another surprise — Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was also in town and played on “The End” by the Beatles.

However, McCartney had one more guest in store for the Dodger Stadium gig: Eagles guitarist – and Starr’s brother-in-law – Joe Walsh came onstage midway through Abbey Road‘s classic closing medley to join in on the guitar solos on the Beatles‘ “The End.”

Paul McCartney Joe Walsh Dodger Stadium Live 2019