Page McConnell Chats About ‘Sigma Oasis’ & Phish’s Live Music Future

"We're so happy with our product!"

Following up a fantastic interview with Trey Anastasio published last week, Rolling Stone also spoke with Phish‘s Page McConnell about his life in quarantine and how he helped put together the band’s latest LP, Sigma Oasis.

In terms of my playing, I’m really happy with a lot of the piano playing. In the past, it’s hard for me sometimes to listen to some of my playing, and I don’t actually listen to our records, but I have listened to bits of this over the last couple weeks. It’s still holding up.

He goes deep on his process and really seems to be at ease with how quickly things came together.

The barn session happened in November, and then we did a little tour in November, beginning of December. Then Trey went to a studio and worked a lot of vocals. He did that first, so I wasn’t working on anything until toward the end of January because we went and did the New Years run and I was away. We came back, and I started about mid-January doing my overdubs. I didn’t really change any of the basic tracks. I just put stuff on top if it.

Similar to the Trey interview, Patrick Doyle inquires on what Page may see as the future of live music and when Phish will be able to play live again.

How does Phish continue to exist right now [without live music]?
Well, that’s a good question. I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. To me it just feels like we’re not on tour now, which is most of our life. And it might not go on that long, but it’s too soon for me to look down the road and think, “Wow, this has been going on for a long time, will it be much longer?” I just don’t know.

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