I’m sure a lot of you have seen it elsewhere by now, but big news was announced yesterday on the 2007 Ozzfest Music Festival — it’s FREE.

Details have yet to fully emerge on this other than the fact that this festival will be free and you’ll be given some more info soon from Live Nation on how to obtain tickets. I’m sure a bunch of radio stations will do some wild promotion that’ll require you to bite the head off a bat, but even still — that’s definitely worth the free price of admission to all the newest and hottest hard metal bands.

We’ll see — I’m slightly skeptical that they’ll be able to effectively pull this off with sponsorships alone. Can you imagine how far they’ll need to take this to make it cost-effective? I just don’t necessarily agree that this is the best way to serve up the fans that want to attend this festival. Free is free, better is better and all — but this just smells of PR and sure-to-backfire sponsorship deals anchoring the entire length of touring music festival. Color me pessimistic.

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