Oteil Burbridge Shares COVID-19 Struggle Following Brothers Reunion at MSG

Oteil Burbridge was one of the main players on stage during The Brothers reunion that took place at Madison Square Garden on March 10th. This was right before the entire world and concert industry shut down to coronavirus COVID-19 concerns, and it looks like it was just a little too late for Burbridge and family as they were hit with symptoms alerting them they likely had the illness. 💔

About a week after Jess and I got home from our trip to NYC for ABB 50 on March 10, we started having Covid symptoms and were both sick for several days, but it wasn’t severe. Nigel and Kavi both got sick as well a few days after us (also short-lived and not severe). We tried to get tested but since our symptoms weren’t severe and we weren’t over the age of 65, we were told we didn’t qualify for a test. So our family quarantined, like we planned to do anyways, and rested and recovered at home.

Following their self-quarantine, they were able to get antibody tests and it proved that they had a bout with the disease. So his new post on Instagram not only details that they had it and thankfully recovered … but that they now could donate plasma to help the community. ❤️

If you suspect you had Covid-19 as well but couldn’t get tested, I want to encourage you to seek out an antibody test and donate plasma if you can. It’s a unique and special opportunity where you could quite literally save someone’s life. #covid19 #helpontheway

Check out the full post below.