I realized it super late last night after I had walked home from The Independent, but I completely spaced on getting a Phish Friday post finished off before I had to leave work. I wanted to make sure I had time to write a little bit about their Roxy ’93 release and it turns out that I didn’t. At least I had an excuse — I caught an absolutely killer Fleet Foxes show with some seriously transcendent moments. Then I got home and read this email…

Dude, I have checked this blog way too many times today for my always anticipated Phish Friday. Where is it? Don’t leave us hangin bro. No, I understand you must have had some real life to live but damn man, I need my fix. Good thing I can get it at phishthoughts.com
I just discovered that site and it is great. If you haven’t already indulged, you’ll be glad you did. See you at the Gorge 2009!

Thanks for the comments, loyal reader. I appreciate your jones for our Phish Friday and I’m sorry that we haven’t delivered on them 100% of the time. I can sense from the tone that it’s clear that there is an overwhelming feeling that Phish is going to be back next year. I can’t say I disagree, which is really wild to think around right now. There are some pretty serious rumors getting thrown around about tour dates and I’m all for linking to them to help continue to perpetuate them, but I thought I’d try to feel for the sentiment out there from the other readers of the site (like this guy quoted above).

Are you guys into all the Phish reunion tour rumors or do you guys think it’s stupid to even try and guess? Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Will they suck when they come back? Is it wrong that I think they’re going to rule?