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is one of the biggest holidays of the year right alongside . For junkies, if you told us we were doing anything besides seeing music at the stroke of , we wouldn’t call you a friend. It’s sacrilegious to miss the end-of-the-year hijinks when your favorite band is playing December 31st.

Here’s our roundup (we may have snuck in a few highlights prior to too) and some countdown videos of our favorite acts including , , Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, The , Avett Brothers, , and more.

MMJ NYE countdown 2012

, , MA – 12/31/12

Set: Circuital, Outta My System, I’m Amazed, The Way That He Sings, Off The Record
Lay , Steam Engine, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Rocket Man ( ), Victory Dance, Phone Went West, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 1, Wordless Chorus, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2, Cobra -> Run Thru, Holdin On To Black Metal, In the Hour (Wilson Pickett ), You Never Can Tell ( cover), Gideon

E: , All Night Long ( cover), Celebration (Kool & The Gang cover), Hungry ( cover), Dancefloors, Rock the Casbah ( cover), Anytime

ProTip: Check out My Morning Jacket’s show a few days prior on 12/27 in Port Chester, NY. debuted “Octoplasm” out of a “Evelyn is Not Real.” An instrumental jam we’ve been publically asking to play since they released it as a fan club download in April of 2011!

2012-12-31 NYE Frankenstein Costume Contest + Mrs. Blaileen @ Warfield San Francisco

Primus, San Francisco, CA – 12/31/12

I: Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers, Last Salmon Man, Golden Boy, The Pressman, Tragedy’s A’ Comin’, Hats Off, Mrs. Blaileen, My Name is Mud

II: Extinction Burst, Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, Fisticuffs, Seas of Cheese, Mr. Krinkle, Jilly’s On Smack, John the Fisherman, Sgt. Baker, Frankenstine (Edgar ), Electric Funeral (), Tommy the Cat

E: HOINFODAMAN, Harold of the Rocks

December 31, 2012 Here Comes the Night Auld Lang Syne

, , IL – 12/31/12

I: Sing Up To The Moon, Gulf Of Mexico, Liza, Little Maggie, Walls Of Time*, Aquatic Hitchhiker*, Meet Me In The Morning*, Bosco Stumble*. Singin The Blues*

II: Here Comes The Night*, Auld Lang Syng* -> Carnival Time*, Down In The Hollow*, The Morning Sun*, Unplug Your Telephone**, This Is The Time**, Little Red Rooster**, Up On The Hill Boogie**, Who Stole My Monkey**, Get No Better**
Aint Gonna Work*

* Sugar Blue on harmonica
** on pedal steel ()
and Sugar Bliue on harmonica

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Umphrey's Mcgee- The Triple Wide/NYE Ball Drop 12/31/2012

Umphrey’s McGee – , GA 12/31/12

I: Leave Me Las Vegas[1] > 40′s Theme, Crucial Taunt > 2×2, Mail Package, Jessica, Ringo[2] > JaJunk[3]

II: Hourglass[4], Much Obliged[4], to the Spinal Shaft > White Pickle > Higgins, Hajimemas***e, Dance Hall Days[5], Comma Later[4]

III: The Triple Wide[4] > Auld Lang Syne[4], Partyin’ Peeps[4] > Glory > Mulche’s Odyssey[6], Gulf Stream, Andy’s Last , Soup[4], Kashmir[4]

E: Good Morning Good Morning[4] > Women Wine and Song[4]

[1] debut, original
[2] Under the Influence () jam
[3] completes the 12.30.12 version
[4] with Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret horns, including
[5] debut, Wang Chung; with Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret horns
[6] with Bulls On Parade (Rage Against ) tease

[via All Things Umphrey’s]

ProTip: Check out the Umphrey’s show one night prior for another barn burner.

Intro (4 songs) - NYE 2012/2013

Greensboro, NC – 12/31/12

I: Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, Go to Sleep, Down with the Shine, The Fall, Distraction #74, Life, Paranoia in Bb Major, At the Beach, Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane, Live and Die, Hand-Me-Down Tune

II (Stage B): Operator (That’s the Way It Feels) (Jim Croce), The Ballad of Love and Hate, Ten Thousand Words

III (Main Stage): Colorshow, February Seven, Laundry Room, Old Joe Clark, Kick Drum , Geraldine, Talk on Indolence, Salina

Stage B: Murder in the City
Main Stage: Living of Love

Encore: Salvation Song, I Killed Sally’s Lover, Gimmeakiss, I and Love and You

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12~31~2012 Flying Phoneix ~ NYE Countdown ~ Set 3 and Encores Too!

Furthur, San Francisco, CA 12/31/12

I: Celebration, Any Road, Hell in a Bucket, Scarlet Begonias > Never Stopped, Here Comes Sunshine > Dancin’ in the Street

II: After Midnight > Playin’ > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Wheel > Unbroken Chain > Let it Grow, Uncle John’s Band > Throwin’ Stones

III: Sugar Magnolia > Help on the Way > > Franklin’s Tower > , Touch of Grey

E: with a Fan > Terrapin Station > Brokedown Palace

The Disco Biscuits, City, NY 12/31/12

I: Stone > The Devils Waltz, Story Of The World > Spectacle* > Countdown Medley, Basis For A Day > And The Ladies Were the Rest Of The Night > Helicopters**

II: Little Shimmy In A Conga Line > Tempest > Bernstein & Chasnoff (> Aceetobee(ending only), MEMPHIS > Story Of The World, Munchkin Invasion

III: Jam > Above The Waves > > Above The Waves, Magellan, Down To The Bottom > Basis For A Day

E: Once The Fiddler Paid

*With Countdown Medley
**Completes 12/27 Version

(Via PTBisco)

Greensky Bluegrass Live New Year's Eve Majestic Detroit 12/31/2012 Auld Lang Syne After Midnight 5

Greensky Bluegrass, Detroit, MI – 12/31/12

I: Money for Nothing, Kerosene, Demons, Leap Year, Lose my Way >, Could You Be Loved, Bringing in the Georgia Mail, Train Junkie > Midnight Rider

II: Ringin’ in the New Year, Countdown -> Auld Lang Syne -> After Midnight, Don’t Lie, Worried about the Weather, Jaywalking, Wheel Hoss, Bring out your Dead, Bruzza’s BowTie!, All-4 > Lose my Way, Train Junkie > Don’t Like > All-4

E: Hootin’ & Hollerin, Old Barns > Dancin’ > Gold

(Download Greensky’s performance from

, City, NY – 12/31/12:

I: Garden Party[1], Possum, Roses Are Free, Rift > Sample in a Jar, Alaska, Mike’s Song > Walk Away, Weekapaug Groove, Character Zero

II: Birds of a Feather, > Piper > Light[2] > Also Sprach Zarathustra > The Horse > Silent in the Morning, You Enjoy Myself[3]

III: Party Time, Kung > Chalk Dust Torture > Auld Lang Syne > Reprise[4] > Sand > The Wedge > Fly Like an Eagle[1] > Wilson, Lawn Boy[5]

Encore: Driver, Iron Man[6]

[1] debut.
[2] Auld Lang Syne tease.
[3] Birds of a Feather tease.
[4] With Carrie Manolakos on vocals and backup singers.
[5] A Cappella.
[6] First Phish performance in full.


Read our coverage of Phish’s Garden Party and check out Nick Irving’s awesome photos from the night.

Pro-tip: Don’t miss out on Phish’s 12/28/12 “Tweezer” and 12/30’s “Carini“.

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