NYC Venue News: CGBG’s, Southpaw, Brooklyn Bowl

I’ve been seeing a bunch of updates about local NYC-area venues this week, so I thought I’d put together a little roundup.

First, Gothamist is claiming to have it on good authority that the now-infamous NYC club, CBGBs, is officially due for a comeback:

So, about that whole CBGBs is dead thing? It may be coming back, and soon. We have it on good authority that the legendary venue is still alive in spirit, and angling to take over a new space in Manhattan. With the contents of the original club still around in a basement somewhere, if all goes according to plan it will even look like the old space. We’ll update when we have more information, which should be filtering in over the next few weeks.

brooklynvegan is reporting that Brooklyn’s Southpaw club is closing and just on the verge of its 10th anniversary, too. Bummer.

According to many with connections to the Park Slope club (some who emailed me and some who are tweeting), Southpaw is closing on February 20 (possibly because “The venue’s been sold.”). The 5th Avenue Brooklyn venue was getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a big way too, which would make this news, if confirmed, even sadder.

I’d definitely be sad to see this local Park Slope venue go, but it wouldn’t be that big a surprise given their newer competition coming from nearby venues Bell House and Littefield.

Finally, one of our fav BK venues, Brooklyn Bowl, just got a nice feature spot in this awesome video promoting Google Maps:

[via TicketFly]

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