Nugs.Net Releases Free Download TAUK Vol. 1 has released a free collection of tracks highlighting the best and brightest from TAUK this year.

With over 50 TAUK shows from 2018 on the catalog it was no easy choice to compile the best live tracks from the year, so we asked the band to choose their favorites. Real TAUK Volume 1 is a compilation that showcases a variety of powerhouse sounds, blending progressive rock, hip-hop and jazz. A rockin’ “Shenanigans”, a funky “Waver” and a soulful “Where You Are” are just some of the highlights of this ten-track compilation.

Chosen by TAUK itself, as a gift to their and our fans alike, you can download this album for free and in any format you wish. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Download the 10-track collection here.