I’ve got to be honest–I’ve never been too much of a Wilco fan. I saw them for about fifteen minutes at Bonnaroo 2004 and it really wasn’t that impressive from where I was standing. I had just walked the two miles or so to get to the mainstage, so maybe my out-of-shape ass had a hard time getting there.

I downloaded their latest release, Kicking Television, and I think I’m a new fan. I mean, I’ve got five new favorites on the first disc alone. In everything I had ever read about Wilco, I simply glossed over everything but the fact they were considered part of this new alt-country genre. I don’t even think that’s true if you really listen to it. It doesn’t really sound like that to me–I don’t know, am I not getting that right?

At any rate, I found some mp3’s from Kicking Television here. Download with pleasure.