Back in 1999, I began attending college as a freshman at State University. The year before, I had gone to see Hum at . A very unmemorable band opened up called Heroic Doses, and I remember being fully unimpressed. In hindsight, I really can’t that out for the life of me.

My roommate that freshman year had attended that show me, and he had purchased ’ self-titled CD when he was at the show. We ended up listening to that CD quite a bit, and I’m really glad that he got into while we were there. We would blast Reggie, Is it (listen below) between his Refused and my Phish–definitely an interesting musical variety in that room.

I just remember not really thinking too much of them when we saw that opening set–I thought the sound they put out was just too instrumental and twangy or something. And, in some serious-ass hindsight, I’ve probably listened to this album more than any other single CD ever. That’s pretty impressive that I think about it. I mean, this album blows me away to this day.

Sample some tracks below, and seriously enjoy. Seriously.

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