We’re getting on that time of the year where all the New Orleans late-nights are getting announced and the grids are filling in, and there’s plenty more that’s left to be revealed. LIVE music blog will have a team down there ready to cover as much as we can stay awake for, but some of us will be back home in our respective cities and watching the highlights from the sideline. Thankfully will be the partner for the festival and they’ll be broadcasting during the second weekend. They’re saying they’ll have music from Santana, Robert Plant, The String Cheese Incident, Alabama Shakes and tons more.

“Extending the unique festival atmosphere to anyone who can’t be there in person makes all of us extremely proud that these once-in-a-lifetime performances, and the unique total experience of the Festival itself, will reach across the nation through ’s 24 hours of LIVE broadcasts,” said Quint Davis, producer and director.