I’m sure there’s a lot of this that’s going to come out of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, but I just received an excellent e-mail that I’m sure will help aid some of the displaced musicians from New Orleans.

I have just opened a free website to help New Orleans musicians displaced by Hurricane Katrina find work, www.NOLAgigs.org. The site is essentially a searchable database of gigs being offered to the musicians by venues across the country. Since the site is so new, there are only a few gigs currently listed. I would be grateful if you would help to make venues aware that they can list employment offers on the site. The more listings there are in the database, the more useful it can be to the displaced musicians.

NOLAgigs.org is completely free to use, does not have commercial advertising, and I do not benefit financially from it. It is simply my way of trying to help the musicians and music culture of New Orleans.

Thanks very much and best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
[email protected]