noisepop.jpgIn early March of each year, the city of swells sound as bands take to the stage in multiple for Noise Pop. We’ve been looking forward to this since fall of last year. That’s because a that spreads itself across the city for nearly a week isn’t enough for the Folks, though. They’ve also got to throw in opening and closing night events, after-hours parties every night of the , a showing of artwork done by musicians, a film festival and an Expo. A badge that gets you into ALL of the events all week long costs $150. Otherwise you can catch your favorite bands at various for prices ranging from $10 – $25.

Check out the list of who is playing where and when for 2007. I’m looking for advice about which these bands are good , so tell me what you know about any of them. After the list, you can see notes on who I’ve seen and which venues I’ve been to.

Here’s who you’ll find playing where and when at Noise Pop 2007:

Tuesday, February 27th:
• Kick it all off an opening night party at , the venue which also hosts various multi-media presentations throughout the year.
Wednesday, February 28th
• Hella plays with Pop Levi, Macromantics, and Tartuffi at Bottom of the Hill
• John Vanderslice plays with , The Submarines, and at The
plays with Will Sheff and Laura Gibson at the Swedish American Hall.
• Sebadoh plays with The Bent Mustache, Love of Diagrams and The New at
• Willy Mason plays with The Watson Twins, Ryan Auffenberg and Built for the Sea at Café du Nord

Thursday, March 1st
• Alexi Murdoch plays with , and Send for Help at Café du Nord
• French Kicks play with Scissors for Lefty, the Oohlas and Magic Bullets at Slim’s
and Trainwreck Riders play with Poor Bailey and at
plays with at
• Matt & Kim play with Erase Errata, , and Pants, Pants, Pants at Bottom of the Hill
• Roky Erikson and the Explosives play with Oranger, and at the

Friday, March 2nd
play with Simon , Pilot Speed, and Ray Barbie and the Matson 2 at Café du Nord
• Autolux plays with Snowden, Malajube and Death of a Party at The
• Jolie Holland plays with David Dondero and St. at
plays with , Street to Nowhere and the Actual at Slim’s.
play with Georgie James, So Many Dynamos, and Pony Come Lately at the Great American Music Hall
play with Audrye Sessions, Elephone and DJ Aaron Axelson at
• The Donnas play with Boyskout, Bellavista and Push to Talk at Bottom of the Hill
plays with Zach Rogue, Thao Nguyen, and Alela Diane at the Swedish American Hall

Saturday, March 3rd
• Brightblack Morning Light plays with and Children, Mariee Sioux, and Karl Blau at Great American Music Hall
• Clinic plays with Earlimart, Sea and the Mumlers at The Indpendent
plays with Honeycut and The Gray Kid at Mezzanine
• Spinto Band plays with Malos, The Changes, and The Old-Fashioned Way at
play with Lemon Sun, Gris Gris and Rum Diary at Bottom of the Hill

Sunday, March 4th
plays with , The Boticellis, and Scrabbel at Bimbo’s 365
plays with Minipop, Ester Drang and Minmae at Bottom of the Hill
• The Dwarves play with Girl Band and the White Barons at Bottom of the Hill

So the list of the bands I’ve seen here is sad. And so is the list of the venues I’ve been to that are hosting. I’ve seen Willy Mason, who is an awesome live performer that I’ll probably try and check out again. And I’ve seen – several times – and of the firm belief that their live shows are worth seeing no matter what you think of . I’ve been to , Bimbo’s 365 and Café du Nord – all intimate venues with good sound, so I’m guessing the others are about the same. What do you think I should go see?

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