Remember Nirvana?

Duh, of course you do. If you’re reading this music blog, there’s a good chance that Nirvana was a large part of your major earlier-in-life musical experience. I wasn’t a huge, huge fan — I never brought Bleach of anything — but most of the people I associated myself with were all over the band and their iconistic frontman Kurt Cobain. “Dude, I finally know how to play ‘Rape Me.'”

Interestingly enough, they’re re-releasing their 1994 video Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!.

From Here comes the flood…

In November, the 1994 compilation video Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! will finally be released on DVD.

The video has been cleaned up and will look much better than the VHS, and even the laserdisc release. The audio has been remastered. In addition, there will be some bonus material, but it is not known at this point whether it will include previously unreleased footage. A very likely release date for the DVD is November 13 in Europe and November 14 in the US.

This will mark the first ever DVD-release by Nirvana’s record label, aside from the DVD that was included with 2004’s With The Lights Out box set.

I think this is the 15th Anniversary week of the release of Nevermind, so I imagine they’ll be alot of Nirvana news this week…

In other Nirvana nonesense, Courtney Love said that a song on their Nevermind album was written about her. Is it just me, or did everyone just give a big giant WHO CARES? sigh or what? For a while there it seemed that she wanted to make a name for herself independent from Kurt’s legacy, but I’m sure most of those thoughts have been snorted up her nose or shot into her veins. Zing!

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