news on nov27

The Vines’ frontman was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a crazy neurological disease that creates autistic-like symptoms. This explains that old Rolling Stone article about how all this guy can do is smoke pot in the corner and not talk or be social. []

fugazi.jpgFugazi will not be ending their hiatus anytime soon. This is quite disappointing. I had a great experience at the Fugazi show that I saw, and I was always hoping that I’d get to catch them again. The good thing is, they’re more than for certainly going to be coming to Chicago. []

Modest Mouse has announced where they’ll be spending the rest of their 2004. I’m bummed that they won’t be playing New Year’s Eve shows; I love it when bands go all out and play on New Year’s Eve. They make a huge party out of it. [liveDaily]