news on nov14

Yes! Phantasy Tour is launching their next big section, Phantasy McGee. My new friend Josh, lead guitarist for the Herbert Wiser Band, is a huge Umphrey’s McGee fan, more so than I ever thought I could be. There’s still some songs that I’ve never heard, while he can slam them out on guitar. I’m excited to see what the future will hold for this new band (relatively new) band that I’m suddenly a part of.

In totally unrelated to “live” music but music in general, Old Dirty Bastard has died very unexpectedly. in a New York recording studio. I have to say that this was very unexpected, but it’s a shame of what happened to ODB’s career; the welfare food stamps issue while in an MTV limousine was just way over the top for me. This guy I used to know purposely stayed on unemployment while he started an Urban Terror Clan League (If you don’t know, I won’t tell you).

Keller Williams will be recording a DVD. This just awesome. I’m now on Madison House’s publicity listing, as I can’t believe this lovely piece of information wasn’t picked up somewhere else.