I have excellent news to report for all those that are dying to see a Keller Williams show. He’s coming back out strong in early 2005 by playing a pretty decent size tour. I guess it’s all him, too. He’ll hopefully be supporting the release of his . I’m definitely going to be hitting two or three of the shows in the Midwest. I’ll see you at Madison > . ! ! Yes! I can’t wait. [Glide Magazine]

Also over at Glide Magazine, they have compiled their descriptions from the artists themselves on the best of 2004. This is a definite must-read in my book. Mike Gordon’s is hilarious.

has announced that there will be some side shows while is performing their New Year’s Eve run. will perform a set DJ Harry on Dec. 29, while will play his side project the next night. Obviously, they won’t be traveling too far to perform, as both sets will be late- within The Big . [Jambands.com]

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