news on dec16

I have excellent news to report for all those that are dying to see a Keller Williams show. He’s coming back out strong in early 2005 by playing a pretty decent size tour. I guess it’s all him, too. He’ll hopefully be supporting the release of his live DVD. I’m definitely going to be hitting two or three of the shows in the Midwest. I’ll see you at Madison > Chicago. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t wait. [Glide Magazine]

Also over at Glide Magazine, they have compiled their descriptions from the artists themselves on the best of 2004. This is a definite must-read in my book. Mike Gordon’s is hilarious.

String Cheese Incident has announced that there will be some side shows while the band is performing their New Year’s Eve run. Kyle Hollingsworth will perform a set with DJ Harry on Dec. 29, while Michael Travis will play with his side project the next night. Obviously, they won’t be traveling too far to perform, as both sets will be late-night shows within The Big Apple. []