news of the day for november 11

The Beastie Boys have won their sampling fight in court, finally. When I realized that this was still going on, I was surprised to hear that it is finally ending. I thought this was still in relation to the Paul’s Boutique sampling, but this had to do with their use of a sample on Check Your Head. (Glide Magazine)

Dave Matthews Band
has suspended their bus driver for the feces-dumping incident that occurred in Chicago recently. Also, they’re going to releasing their Golden Gate Park concert from September 12 as a Live Trax release (their second). I suggest purchasing this show digitally, as this is the 21st century already. Also, Relix is reporting that Dave Matthews is one of the stars of the new straight-to-video Disney film, Where the Red Fern Grows. Uhm, okay? This seems off to me, but it’s still news worthy.

HeadCount has issued their list of thank-yous from the past effort that showed us all that hippies are not always wookies. Check out the list, and let’s keep this spirit alive when Hilary Clinton runs for the Presidency in 2008. Or Barack Obama…