Apostle of Hustle @ Schubas
Apostle of Hustle | Schubas, Chicago

Hi there.

It’s been a long summer here at blog headquarters and I’m pleased to say that it’s wrapping up into what appears to be a very good winter ahead for live music. Especially in Chicago. I guess that means it’s time for us to return, hopefully with a brand new coat of paint and a nice new logo or something. Maybe even a nifty little upgrade to the software in the background. Cool, huh?

The plan would be to return in full force with a crew of folks ready to help out and post content featuring the finest in web material having only to do with live music — with the occasional SNL video thrown in for good measure. If you think you’d be interested in helping out, make sure you send us a note or leave a comment and let us know what you do and how you think you can help out. We can’t respond to everyone’s request but rest assured that I’ll read it and give it proper consideration.

I’m excited for what the future holds for the site and the community that rose up around it. I think that we can come back and feature some choice cuts worthy of any live music fans attention. That’s the goal, at least. I can’t promise anything beyond a nice bit of effort from myself and a resurgence of energy into the art of seeing music performed live. It’s the way me and music connect. In person. Right in front of you. Nothing can really match that feeling for me when it goes right, and I don’t even want to give that up again if I can help it.

So with that said, we’re glad to be back.

Stay tuned for some changes in the near future and drop some comments if you’ve got some cool shows lined up for the near future. Bear with us through the reconstruction period, too.

Peace in the Middle East,

Justin Ward