The and DiscLogic are pleased to announce a new service available to you, our most loyal . The performance from the evening of March 25th at the Starland Ballroom is available for purchase as a or as a more compressed VCD formatted download, perfect to watch while you’re procrastinating at the office. This show specifically, is a glimpse into a band exploring a venue that has become a crowd favorite and has served as a new home for an increasing number of mind-bending musical moments. Check back frequently as we will be adding both new and archived video shows to this exciting new service.

-A LIMITED amount of ZEN II are available from BiscoTx. Make sure that you get you tix for this incredible event featuring all of the members of TDB working hard to bring you something fresh, interesting, and out of this world!!!

Fresh off the first few dates of ConspiraTOUR, Marc and Aron are pleased to announce that they will be joined by some very special guests at the show at the . (the Duo) and (Umphreys McGee) have been confirmed to play for a very special night that will be reminiscent of their Jamcruise debut, where all of these collaborations for this exciting new band were born.

– Jake and Kris Meyers from UM sat in for the show in , and word on the street is that it was HOT, HOT, HOT. Marc, Aron, and Omen would like to thank the Umph boys for the fun time, as well as Brock from , who also laid down some incredible layers during their epic performance.

This excites me in the good way. Oh , the really good way. As Garth Algar might have been excited about climbing the rope in gym class, I really get excited because I really haven’t gotten the opportunity to see the up close and personal. Every time that they came into town I had to be somewhere else. The only time that I’ve seen them was the The Vic on November 9, 2002. It was okay. We left early if that says anything. I just wasn’t overly impressed, but I’m almost always sitting in front of my computer with my jaw dropped when I listen to BiscoRadio.

Anyways, this run looks to be hot and I’m sure they’re going to blow through Chicago with an electronica tornado-like power that none of us would want to experience. Except, we will. And our bowels might release. In the good way…

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