news from around the jamband scene

now playing: keller williams – what i got – 8.12.04

man, i think i’m regretting not going to this concert. this show is hot. you can download it at the internet archive.

keller williams 8.12.04 –

bob weir is tired
bob weir has announced that his tour is cancelled due to his extreme exhaustion. bummer for him and bummer for anyone that still gets down on the dead and ratdog. as i’ve mentioned before, i have never really gotten down too hard on the dead or ratdog, but i still thinks that sucks that he had to cancel. let’s all wish him the best of luck in working his way back to shape…

umphrey’s gets a bucket of mini for new year’s eve
umphrey’s mcgee announced their new year’s eve openers. on december 30, it will be none other than the crazy-ass buckethead. i need to check this guy out. although, i’m not sure i’ll be attending these shows. on december 31, it’s mini-kiss. follow the link. it speaks for itself.

more to follow this weekend…