News Fail: Trip Tents Planned for Phish @ Telluride

How fitting that is it that one week away from Phish’s summer tour and in the midst of crazy festival reports we also get news that hit the HuffPo homepage today. A local news report from Telluride, CO mentioned that the local law enforcement is setting up a “Trip Tent” area where folks attending the Telluride Run can go and let their faces melt in a more comfortable setting.

New For Phish: Trip Tent [The Watch via HuffPo]

Given the expectation of drug use at the shows the town will employ a novel-to-Telluride approach to dealing with it in as non-punitive a manner as possible.

Attached to the medical tent normally set up for large events like the Bluegrass and Blues and Brews Festivals will be a secondary “trip tent” where those high on hallucinogens can essentially go for a time-out if they need to.

It’s yet another article that focuses on the embarassing part of the scene these days, but if I were a local maybe this would be of concern to me. Like, those crazy college-know-it-all hippies would take up lots of tax dollars because the local cops would have to arrest all of them and throw them in local jails. Whatever. I guess it could be said that this is also way better than them announcing that they were going to come down hard and bust people for having some drugs with them.

Have you been to a show with “trip tents” set up? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a chill lounge present at a Phish show but I could be mistaken.