New York Times on Phish References in HQ Trivia App Game: “excruciating”

The New York Times has detailed out some of the love/hate-able interests of the smash-hit game and app, HQ, and not surprisingly our favorite group from Vermont gets thrown under the bus a bit by someone in the lamestream media. This gal and Katy Tur clearly would not get along.

The moments in the game between the actual presentation of questions — when Scott is explaining the rules, making jokes, or dropping Phish references — can be excruciating.

For those that didn’t know this guy was a phan already, apparently the vibes have caught on with the Phish community. Reddit was all over this last month.

Okay so we have too many famous figures now openly stealing Phish lyrics and using it as their own clever way to tell people they’re cool. I’m starting to feel a little culturally appropriated all of a sudden.