One thing that is super great about the jamband scene is its full embrace of New Year’s Eve as a time when musicians should really go nuts for themselves (AND for the fans). Any musician would say that there’s not a whole lot of time to rest, especially if they’ve done a Fall tour and plan on making trips out in the Spring, so it’s understandable that some bands still need a break and don’t book shows.

Still, many bands use New Year’s Eve as a full-on ragefest where they can prove their full worth, complete with a balloon drop, confetti, and Auld Lang Syne thrown in for tradition’s sake. I’ve put my money on Umphrey’s McGee for the past three years (probably our last), and I plan on attending shows in the future as a tradition of my own…

If you missed out on New Year’s Eve shows this year, you can relive as much of the glory as I could find in a downloadable format. Email me if you find other NYE shows that should be included on the list below…

New Year’s Eve 2005 Downloads

Thanks, Hans!

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