The likely spot for the next big Superfly Presents music festival

It looks like is the next city that will be getting the full treatment, ala ala .

Today the City of ’s Office of Special Events recommended a full speed ahead approach in getting a to the city — specifically the Overland Park Golf Course — as early as next year. has been fully named as the ones they want to put it on.

The would be produced solely by …Though they had initially worked together on the proposal, AEG will no longer be involved in producing the event.

The city seems excited, AEG seems cool it, and really the next steps are just contract negotiations. Given that has already gone 10 years deep in the city of , I think Denver is getting wise to what opportunity they’ve left on the table during the summer months and we’ll probably definitely see this come to life in 2018. Can’t wait to see what gets booked.

Bonnaroo, Outside Lands promoters Superfly pick Denver as location for next big festival [www]

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