I just realized that I’m neighbors with Emilie of This Week on Lot, as we just attended the same Plants and Animals show this past Tuesday at the Indy. And speaking of This Week on Lot, they just posted their new podcast today. I’m halfway through the listen so check this one out. For some reason I keep forgetting to download these, so I’m all subscribed now (go here to get the podcast in your iTunes).

TWoL 31: Knee Deep in Brisket [This Week on Lot]

We start this episode off by doing a quick recap of this past week’s musical outings; Emilie went hipster-wook and hit up Plants and Animals. Not quite a the lot scene, but the show rocked HARD! If you see this band coming through your town – GO! Steve kept it OG-wook and spent the night with a few fellow twibe members at DSO in New Jersey (keep it dirty) and reports that there was no shortage of wookery at the raging Shakedown out front.