We like spreading . are good, because sometimes they become fact, and those times when they do come true, you look wicked smaht. So here’s to the rumor…as once said:

when the rumor comes to your town,

It grows and grows, where it started no one knows.

From a PT poster: “As quickly as info gets out these days, this may be known already…but one of our distributors just announced a ‘ ’ scheduled for release on Oct 25. It’s a $30 list price, so I can only assume it will be 2 DVDs, maybe both shows or maybe a mix of both? Either way, that’s sweet…”

Take it for what it’s worth, a PT rumor. But that would be pretty sweet to see one or both of those shows on disc, instead of in the pouring rain (for night one at least). I had major prune hands after that first show.

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