New Phish Album to be called FUEGO?

Phish fans may be expecting the band’s next studio album to be called Wingsuit after the Halloween 2013 spectacle that the band introduced on stage in Atlantic City, but it looks as though they better “keep it rolling” around in their head and expect a different title.

A listing has appeared on BMI’s website that looks awfully conspicuously like it’s the new Phish album, and the “legal title” as it appears on the listing is FUEGO. Beneath the title is four principle songwriters: ANASTASIO ERNEST J, FISHMAN JONATHAN, GORDON MICHAEL E, MC CONNELL PAGE S. The publisher is listed as WHO IS SHE MUSIC INC. Seems pretty likely that this is the early part of the normal new album cycle that every band needs to go through, so our money is on the fact that we’ll be seeing more about this very, very soon.

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Maybe we’ll even get a release before the beginning of the band’s already announced 2014 summer tour. More on this to come.

Update: it appears we weren’t the only ones tipped off about this.

UPDATE (5/14): Phish has released “Waiting All Night”, the first single from the album, via NPR.