NEW MUSIC: Bukuru Celestin & Snarky Puppy’s Akmeni

Photo via Jefferson Center’s Facebook Page

Late last year, Bukuru Celestin, a young immigrant from Burundi Africa and a Music Lab at Jefferson Center student got together with Brooklyn-based fusion band Snarky Puppy for an artist residency at Jefferson Center. The residency focused on “the creation of a collaborative recording, but more importantly it encourages community dialogue on the arts and how the collaborative musical process impacts community.” The intriguing collaboration also produced a compelling and uplifting afrobeat/gospel record that I’m having a hard time not listening to on repeat. Think Graceland crossed with The Staples Singers. Most importantly, listen for yourself below. Phenomenal stuff and further proof that Snarky Puppy is one of the world’s most unique and adventurous bands out there these days. Also, Mr. Celestin, the future for you appears bright. Cheers.

Amkeni by Bukuru Celestin & Snarky Puppy

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