Mike Gordon recently announced a short tour in March with his solo project, which includes guitarist , keyboardist ,percussionist , and drummer . Gordo’s five-piece has announced a new official live release from their October 3 ,2009 performance at Buffalo’s Town Ballroom.

You can pre-order the album at Phish Dry Goods or download it via LivePhish.com. Also, our buddies over at Hidden Track are doing a little giveaway in honor of the new live disc from Cactus.

Disc One – Set One:
1. Can’t Stand Still
2. Sound
3. Pretend
4. Spiral
5. Nobody’s Home
6. Cities
7. Dig Further Down

Disc Two – Set Two
1. The Beltless Buckler
2. 15 Step
3. When The Cactus Is In Bloom
4. Couch
5. Meat
6. Time For Loving Is
7. Emotional Railroad
8. Only A Dream
9. Taking It To The Streets