If you haven’t heard this Diplo remix of “Tennis Court” yet, that Lorde track that Flume made some waves with by remixing a while back (and has since been played like 10 million times), you are positively missing out on some 90’s flavored party banger vibes right now.

Yesterday he dropped a tweet in anticipation:

Here’s what I think happened next once he decided to put the track out. He hit up his manager and was like “yo, I just finished this banger remix.” His manager was all “cool, send over the track and the artwork.”

“Uhhhh, artwork? Oh right. Yeah, uhm, let me finish that really quick.”

:::Google Image Search for Andre Agassi 90’s look:::

andre agassi 90 s look   Google Search

“Here ya go, all done!”

Hence the awesomeness that is this art (and track) below: