On May 7th, Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar sent the electronic world in a tizzy by announcing his new 15-track album NVSB (June 24th) and releasing the first track “Now” — a trapped out party anthem featuring Rye Rye. This track was met with some mixed reviews from the Bassnectar traditionalists hoping for another reincarnation of “Vava Voom” or something. (I happen to think it’s genius and I can’t wait to shake my tailfeather when he plays it at Red Rocks.)

A week later, Bassnectar delivers this hauntingly beautiful track “Ephemeral”. A far cry from last week’s release, this track is chilling and visceral. Set in a spacy dreamscape, the lightweight melodies wander over spacey waves of bass. Never overwhelming, just all encompassing. If you liked “Laughter Crescendo” (who doesn’t), you’ll love this.

Bassnectar - Ephemeral

With just two releases, it’s clear that this album is going to be very different from anything Lorin Ashton has released to date. And isn’t that the definition of progress? Here is a message from The Bass God himself:

Hello! Here is a gift of music! It’s called ‘Ephemeral’ (which means temporary, or “lasting only a day”… It’s the opposite of ‘Eternal’ and captures the essence of how precious every little moment is, and to enjoy it to the fullest) and I began working on it over ten years ago. Each song off the upcoming record is totally unique from the other songs, representing one specific point across a very diverse spectrum. There is of course hard vs soft, deep vs wild, ugly vs pretty, dark vs light, noise vs beauty and so on ; ) This song represents one of the warmest, softest, sweetest directions of my love affair with music: when it is light, and whimsical, and emotions — and reminds me to be grateful for every last detail in life. You can do whatever you want with this song: share it with friends or family, or hoard it for yourself, whatever you feel. Thanks and enjoy! -Lorin

The anticipation is killing me. As we wait with baited breath for June 24th, we can only hope that we’ll get a few more tastes from the upcoming NVSB, an album that I’m borderline certain will be both groundbreaking and rump-shaking. Sit back and chill out to this track for a minute, you deserve it.