New interview on Andy Gadiel (JamBase)

Andy Gadiel just did an interview with the team over at (great new blog, by the way!), and in it he talks about how digital media is obviously changing the live music experience quite a bit. I’ve been fortunate enough to have shared a few conversations with the man himself on the subject, and he’s definitely been put to the test throughout the years maintaining a relevant product ahead of “buzz-worth” startups that are trying to disrupt a space that him and his team have fought to be at the forefront of.

Frankly, I think they’re still “winning” it for me and I consistently return to JamBase to get a quick view of the town I’m in and who is playing this week. And with the iPhone app syncing to my JamBase account online, it’s easily an “app” that people don’t tend to refer to as an app…. but this is some powerful stuff for live music junkies.

And you have your own concert finder app?
Yes, we have Mobile Apps for iPhone & Android. It’s essentially our Show Finder. You can find out who’s playing in your area, when your favorite bands are coming to town and keep a show calendar. […] It syncs with your My JamBase account on the web, so anything you do on mobile will be there when you go back to your desk. People love it for travel. You land in a new city, hit the locate button and it’ll tell you who’s in town. Or if you know you’re going to be somewhere in a few months, search by city and set a start date. Voila!

Does anyone use something else that blows the JamBase app out of the water? Email us and get in touch at [email protected]!

Also, in case you’ve missed the other stuff that Kickshuffle has been putting out, make sure you head over there and subscribe to their blog. They’ve done in-depths with Scotty B. from Hidden Track, Brad Serling from and Kevin Browning from Umphrey’s McGee (among a few others). Definitely recommended reading!