While it’s been a little bit since we’ve seen an official release from the boys in Lettuce, they’re almost always staying busy on the road and they’re in the midst of a tour right now and coming off a performance this past weekend at Austin City Limits Music Festival. They recently let us know that it was time to expect some new jams by hinting at a new release on Facebook. Then late last week, they reposted “Monorail 3000”, the bonus track from their last LP release, Fly (2012).

Looks like that’s where they’re getting the special sauce for this new release they’ve been hinting at, because we’ve got news today that they’ll be putting together a few more outtakes from those sessions into an EP called Lost in Flight.

Today we’re premiering an exclusive track from that EP, “Dr. Digglesworf”, a prototypical 70’s space funk throwback jam which is bound to put you in a good mood while you’re sitting at your desk slogging through your Monday. Headphones on, volume up!

We’ll have more on the release as they make it official, and make sure you check them out while they’re on tour and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also you can win tickets and signed merch (even instruments) at every stop of Fall Tour 2014 by entering here!

Here’s the rest of the EP: