New Bonobo Album ‘Migration’ is Out Today

Excited to see a new release from good ‘ol trusty Simon Green, otherwise known as Bonobo to the rest of the electronic-music appreciating world. I don’t think the guy has ever touched a piece of music that was lackluster. The album is called Migration and he’s been putting out a smattering of singles ahead of today’s official release.

Here’s what he had to say on Facebook…

Dear friends,

I’m extremely pleased to share my new album Migration with you.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience making this record over the past three years, having learned much musically and personally. Whilst writing this album I was drawing from relationships with landscape, movements of culture, people and their effect on their environments as they move and settle within them. Since The North Borders the majority of my time has been spent in transit. For a year living unrooted between cities whilst touring. A large part of this record was conceived during that time in unfamiliar spaces and within the constraints of temporary workspaces and the lack of a permanent home or base, something I feel contributed to the process and ultimately made this record something I’m immensely proud of.

Thank you for your incredible support over the years, it means a lot and as my focus is now shifting towards building the new live show I hope to see you somewhere along the road!



You can buy or stream the album below.