Neal Casal Solo Catalog Released Digitally

There is no doubt that the music world is still a bit stung from the untimely passing of Neal Casal earlier this summer. Tomorrow is when the artist would have celebrated his 51st birthday, and it’s a good time to dive back into his work and make sure the fans got a chance to see him shine everywhere else that wasn’t simply his work with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Chris Robinson Brotherhood or Circles Around the Sun. His full solo catalog is now available digitally as released by the Royal Potato Family, which includes his earliest works back as early as 1996 and continues into the All Directions release up through 2007.

Here’s the full list and a link to get them spinning on your preferred stream.

Rain, Wind & Speed (1996)
The Sun Rises Here (1997)
Field Recordings (1997)
Basement Dreams (1998)
Black River Sides (w/ Kenny Roby, 1999)
Anytime Tomorrow (2000)
Ran On Pure Lightning (w/ Shannon McNally, 2002)
No Wish To Reminisce (2006)
All Directions (2007)

Also, a video got released for “Reason” off The Sun Rises Here to help honor the passing and it includes a special ending with Neal and his father discussing how he got started (get out the tissues). Watch it below.

Neal Casal - "Reason"

R.I.P. Neal Casal.