Nathan Moore’s Hippy Fiasco Tour

It’s not surprise that social media has really changed the way many artists can make a living these days. Take for instance the case of Nathan Moore, the solo artist and frontman for Surprise Me Mr. Davis — the man has been able to organize a Bay Area “tour” in the matter of 36 hours after he flew out to California to play the Mystic Garden Party…

From JamBase…

When he flew in to perform at an established festival in California this past weekend and discovered most of the main artists had pulled out for fear of not being paid, he did what Nathan Moore does best – he jumped in with both feet. “I think they need me,” he told his manager when discussing the options. So, he went, knowing that like most artists struggling to make ends meet on tour he risked losing money yet again. The festival meltdown illustrates the impact of hard times on festivals, musicians and fans alike, and Moore’s attitude shows he takes his role as everybody’s troubadour to heart.

I love the spontanaiety of it all and it’s cool to see Nathan has some friends up here in the Bay Area to help him stay busy this week and recoup some of his plane ticket and transportation costs coming out West. I’ll be at the Yankee on Friday night barring any unforeseen changes in that plan.

Hippy Fiasco Rides Again: A Spontaneous Nathan Moore Tour

Tuesday, July 27: The Downlo, Chico CA, 7:00-? $7
Wednesday, July 28: 8240 Bodega Hwy. Sebastapol CA (park on the left) 7:00 $10
Thursday, July 29: McNears, 21 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma CA 8:00 free plus DoughNation
Friday, July 30: Connecticut Yankee, San Francisco CA, 10:00 $10
Saturday, July 31: private affair
Sunday, August 1: A semi private party at the compound in Oakland, call hot line for details, Doors 4:00, Music 6:00, $10 Donation.
Monday, August 2: TBA, working on it- Santa Cruz CA beach party? Tea and crumpets in San Jose? Anyone? Call the hotline!