My ‘Summercamp was Friggin’ Amazing Post

Summercamp was friggin’ amazing. We got to camp immediately next to the small, side stage (obviously known as the Camping Stage). It was one of the best camping spots in the entire festival, and it was free for the taking at 2:00 a.m. on Friday’s festival day opener. Of course, we didn’t stay up much later than 2:30 a.m., right? Needless to say, we went to bed with the sunrise.


The first main stage show that I saw was Particle, then Keller Williams, then we passed out…

Particle Summercamp 2005 Photo

Keller Williams Summercamp 2005 Photo


It’s funny. We were completely satisfied after those two sets. All day long, we were grooving to the sounds on the Camping Stage. What a time.

Saturday was a completely different festival day, and we ended up chilling out to the sounds of the Camping Stage yet again. The first main stage show that I wanted to hit was Michael Franti and Spearhead. This was okay, but I think I had expectations that were a little too high. The band was great, and the crowd energy was booming, but I got a little annoyed after the twenty-fifth time Michael Franti yelled “How you Feeeeelllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. No offense to any of those in Spearheadland; I just wasn’t as fully impressed as I wanted to be at that moment.


Next up was Umphrey’s McGee, and I have to say that I went into this weekend fully prepared for an Umphrey’s McGee enema (tension-release jam that ACTUALLY makes your bowels release). Unfortunately, this operation could not be fully completed. The late-night show sold out about fifty people in front of spot in line, so we (mostly my friend, Rob) had to wait all morning to try and get tickets to no avail. This really shouldn’t surprise any fan that has tried to get tickets before. Remember the 5.4.00 Oysterhead fiasco where some lunatics actually bought $2,000 Jazzfest Superjam tickets to see this band. Hell, they practically announced their tour the second this guy paid off his credit card bill.

So, we were understandably looking forward to the Saturday afternoon set, and we were not let down. They played a couple tunes that I haven’t heard before live…The Bottom Half, Atmosfarag, Black Water…those were excellent tunes, especially the latter two. But, the main stage of a music festival is definitely not the place to see Umphrey’s McGee. Please, please, please go see this band before it is too late. I missed the late-night show, but you might have missed every other ripping Umphrey’s McGee performance as they rolled on through your town. THINK ABOUT THAT! !

Setlist from

Great American > The Bottom Half > Believe the Lie, Women Wine and Song* > Atmosfarag, Resolution > Plunger, Black Water, Partyin’ Peeps, Mulche’s Odyssey > Miss Tinkle’s Overture

Umphrey's McGee Summercamp 2005 Photos

Umphrey's McGee Summercamp 2005 Photos

Sunday, we decided that we finally wanted to see moe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really do love moe. But, I wasn’t going to see six sets of moe., no way no how. There isn’t enough energy left after days of partying, dancing, sleeping, whatever. You have to conserve the energy that you have in order to make it all the way through. So, we opted to not watch moe. until the final night. I think that was probably a super strong decision on our part. Before that, on the Sunshine Stage, Drop Q played an afternoon through some drizzle that was definitely cool.

moe.’s final set to the end the festival was nothing short of hot. These guys are totally passed their point of feeling comfortable, and I really saw them stretching out and working on the flow as compared to the last time I saw them. All that and some grilled [bratwurst-flavored] waffles to end the weekend, and I have to say that my group and I were hugely pleased with the festival.


Don’t miss Summercamp if you have the chance. It’s too small to passup, especially if you’re in the area.