My Old Kentucky Blog Comes Down from the Mountain

Over the last month or two, My Old Kentucky Blog has been putting together a series of posts that I’ve been all about, waiting with baited breath for the next. The entire piece of work is called The Ten Commandments Guidelines of Concert Behavior — I guess they opted out of the overt religious reference but not the colonel photo shopped onto Charelton Heston’s face. Maybe I’m getting a little old, but a lot of these ring true for me and constantly piss me off at shows. Just think of the last time you were at a show and someone would not stop shouting, “Play this!” or “Play that!” and you’ll be primed for concurrence. So without further adieu here are the Ten Commandments Guidelines of Concert Behavior:

Number I: Thou Shall Not Puke
Number II: Thou Shall Not Fart
Number III: Thou Shall Not Smoke
Number IV: Thou Shall Not Take Crappy Pictures With Your Phone
Number V: Thou Shall Show Up On Time
Number VI: Thou Shall Not Request Songs
Number VII: Thou Shall Respect the Personal Space of Others
Number VIII: Thou Shall Not Sing Along
Number IX: Thou Shall Not Talk                                                                                              

Number X: Thou Shall Not Act a Fool

So there they are in all of their glory. Some may seem obvious and some a bit Draconian, but if you follow the link it’ll bring to the snide explanation behind each guideline. I personally am a big fan of numbers six through eight and I think Justin may need to take a look at number four — kidding. Thoughts from the LMB crowd, are these appropriate? Are you planning on breaking all ten down in Hampton? Are they missing anything?