With the recent success of Jim James’ solo debut LP Regions of Light and Sound of God and its (ongoing) accompanying tour (playing Hangout Fest today), it has been a little bit easier to forget that My Morning Jacket has only played one show in 2013 (although an extensive run with AmericanaramA is fast-approaching) and the fact that things have been somewhat quiet regarding their future studio plans over the past few months.

However, in a recent chat with Rolling Stone, Jim James announced the good news that MMJ is “going to start [recording] in October…we’re in the process of nailing down a studio. So we’re going to start that in the fall, so I’m super excited about that.”

It doesn’t sound like they’ll return to the old Louisville gym (as they did for 2011’s Circuital or the high-gloss Manhattan studio that hatched 2008’s Evil Urges. James explained MMJ’s writing and recording approach further to RS: “We always try to do something a little different each time and we did that last time. We have a couple top-of-the-heap places we’re in the process of deciding what will work best.” As for the new songs, James says, “I’ve got a lot of ideas. I don’t know if anything’s come together yet. I’ve got a lot of starting places, I guess you could say.”

As for now, we suggest catching a Jim James solo show while you still have the chance and you can check out LMB’s recap of last weekend’s show in Hollywood here.

After the now-legendary psychedelia of Z, the R & B / Soul-heavy Evil Urges and the more straight-laced Circuital, it will be quite interesting to see which stylistic muse leads MMJ next.