My Morning Jacket and The Black Keys take on Red Rocks


MMJ is returning to the Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer and they’re bringing The Black Keys with them in what should be an amazing experience. I saw them open for Dylan at Red Rocks the last time they ran through Colorado, and even though they were limited to the 35 or so minutes that opening for Dylan affords you, there was not one person in their seat when the band finished.

This concert announcement is in-line with what appears to be MMJ’s new tour strategy. They are going to do the typical schedule in Europe, but in the States, they are planning geographically significant “events” that speak to the maxim of quality not quantity. There are the two “An Evening with My Morning Jacket” events scheduled in NYC’s Radio City Music Hall and in their hometown of Louisville, the late-night set at Bonnaroo and an appearance at Coachella. I guess the few concerts in the southwest were tune-ups for these big mega-shows in an effort to take it to the next level, whatever that is. The band will also perform on SNL on May 10, so set your Tivo because the last time they made the television rounds they took the Boston Pops with them…and reverb.

MMJ Live on Letterman with the Boston Pops – You Tube

This announcement comes on the heels of the braintrusts at MMJ Inc. sending out a free studio version of the title track from Evil Urges, which isn’t due out until June 10, as an attempt to satisfy the demand for the new songs which have already made it on the web via fan videos.

My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges [mp3]

The song may not be the best indication of the direction of the album, but it is definitely on par with the excellence we demand from the Jacket. From the selection of songs available online, are there any that instantly appear to be classic? The guitar in “I’m Amazed” is pretty great while “Smokin from Shootin” seems to always be in my head even though I’ve only seen it live once. If you need some more live MMJ, there is plenty out there. Check out the MMJ collection at the Live Music Archive.

My Morning Jacket –